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Phuket City (Phuket Town)

The island's capital is a small cozy town. Rows of two-storey sino-portugese houses, modern apartments and shops — all this creates an exciting mix of old and new, simple and sophisticated, peaceful and pulsating.

The bustling, administrative centre of Phuket is often overlooked in favor of the beaches, but there’s a lot to see and do in Phuket City. As a living, breathing Thai city, it is not specifically tailored to tourists as other areas of the island. However, having been recently upgraded to city status, Phuket City features an exciting mix of cultures. Simple and refined, quiet and lively, old and new town.

What to do in Phuket City? Where to go?

In the afternoon go up the Rang Hill. You can have a snack in the hilltop restaurant overlooking the city. And if you’re lucky — see the family of monkeys. They settled on the view point and beg tourists for food.

Walking around the city is an activity that is better to do in the evening when it’s not too hot.

Take a stroll through Chinatown, be sure to visit the old town, go in the local shops and cafes. Local restaurants serves Thai cuisine, which, incidentally, is one of the most delicious in the world. At night you can have fun in the nightclubs, many of which feature live music.   Main walking streets of the old town are Thalang road, Dibuk road and Phang Nga road. There are many “vintage” houses and cafes, small and exotic shops. Soi Romani that connects Thalang and Dibuk road is a place to see. Several points of interest are located near Krabi road. The Thai Hua Museum where you can learn the city history and the old mansion Baan Chinpracha near the Blue Elephant restaurant.

Phuket City Attractions

  • The city has more than 30 temples, mostly Chinese. The most famous — Chinese Temple Juyo Tui on Ranong road. It is about 200 years old. Every year Phuket Vegetarian Festival starts here. The temple plays a key role in the festoval. From here a colorful procession being it’s way. And locals fill the streets with tables offering vegetarian dishes.

  • The city has two view points: Rang Hill with a small park and a restaurant on the top. Monkey Hill proving a good opportunity to have fun with wild monkeys.

  • Large shopping mall are located in and out of the city. Central Festival, Home Works, Big C and Tesco Lotus. You can easily spend a day in Central. Also noteworthy are Robinson and Ocean in Phuket town and Phuket Outlet just a little bit further up north.

  • Weekend Market — Thai country market in the city starts every friday night and is open on weekend nights. If you are looking for fake Rolex — you will find it here.

  • Have a picnic in a city park Sapan Hin, located right on shore. People are gathering here in the afternoon.

  • Admire local butterflies and exotic reptiles in the Garden of Butterflies. Come here with their children. They just love this place.

Phuket City Nightlife. Clubs and bars

  Entertainment in the capital of Phuket differ from similar institutions in Patong Beach. Patong is known for its bustling nightlife and dubbed the center of “entertainment industry” of the island.

If virtually every place in Patong can be labeled as 21+, for many bars and cafés in Phuket City 18+ is enough. Local places quieter and are located from each other at a fairly decent distance. The atmosphere in these friendly and relaxed, in a good sense of the word.

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